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  • Learning is NOT work.
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Parent Feedback

I have been running some one on one sessions with students lately and the other day I received this lovely message from a grateful parent.

"We are so thankful that we found Jo. For years I have listened to teachers tell us that our son has the ability to achieve good academic results but does not demonstrate it in written form. In others words verbally had no issue but struggled to get it down on paper.

I have always known this and struggled to get him to do the homework thinking that he was lazy. Then Jo worked with him and has given him the tools that work for him as an individual. So instead of the afternoon being a battle it has become an afternoon where he takes himself off and just gets the work done. We are so thrilled for him and can see his self esteem rise, that he can get the work done without it overwhelming him as it did in the past. As parents we know that all boys are not the same therefore all learn differently.
Thank you Jo, all boys would be very lucky to be looked at as individuals as you have done."

Is your child having problems settling down to homework and study? Do they feel overwhelmed at times?  Are they having issues at school keeping up with the work and organising their time? I can help. Please contact me to discuss your child's individual needs and to make an appointment for an hour session in your home where we can work together to relieve their stress and anxiety and arm them with strategies that suit their learning.


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